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jPipette is a jQuery plugin experiencing the ability of the framework. The pipette reads the color of a clicked pixel from an image and returns the Hex and RGB values. It has a zooming Box which is controlled by plus and minus buttons.

JPipette works only in mordern browsers with Css3 styling (background.size) and supports  jpeg, gif and png images. The zooming effect doesn't require a second hidden image in the background thanks to Css3 with the ability of changing the background-size.


Firefox or Google Chrome with javascript enabled and Php with GD extension enabled

See a Demo


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Written by: Dave Star on 25.Feb.2013

I stumped upon this tool this morning and have been messing with it all day :)

I´m a designer / frontend developer, so slightly out of my depth with the php aspect of this!

I´ve got it working the way I want here -
(you might need to click a few times)

My problem occurs when I try to integrate it with the form on my CMS (Joomla 2.5). When I call the .php file (which appears to work successfully) it only returns #000000.  I thought it might be permissions on the folder as I´m guessing the php functions ´imagecreatefrom...´ create a temporary image beside the file, but I tried to change them and it didn´t make any difference.

Any help greatly appreciated.  After trying different ´eyedropper´ solutions you´re has been the best around.


Written by: admin on 25.Feb.2013

Did u check, if the image is applied by CSS or in HTML?
The tool cannot be used on images applied by CSS.
#000000 is the black color, which means you are not clicking on any image!

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