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Hello and welcome

Thank you for your interest in Havalite CMS.

While we appreciate receiving feedback regarding our CMS, we suggest that you check the frequently asked questions before completing this form.

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Written by: juanma on 29.Jun.2012

the new version more secure when?

Written by: admin on 30.Jun.2012

I think, version 1.1.0 offers enough secure for now. Unless you found any problems in it?

Written by: Jay Kanakiya on 09.Oct.2012

Hey , I´ve added your awesome jquery plugin Jsound in

Written by: admin on 09.Oct.2012

Nice site, thx

Written by: it on 08.Jan.2013

I really like Havalite but I have some problems after setting the language to Italian.

Some features are lost:
submenu, accordion etc..

Did I do something wrong?

Written by: admin on 09.Jan.2013


Open file = hava_func.php and add following at line 26 before function hava_db_vacuum():

    foreach($hava_lang as $lkey => $lval) $hava_lang[$lkey] = correctQuotes($lval); 

Please tell me if it works.

Thx for reporting

Written by: LMF on 02.Mar.2013

I saw your translation page and was a little bit disappointed.
For languages with different word order from original´s, some should be written in full sentence.

Written by: admin on 03.Mar.2013

I´m realy sorry about that. Maybe because of my bad english language. I agree with you, i need some one to help improvimg the language files.
Maybe you can help, if yoou like ;)

Written by: mohamad on 13.Mar.2013


i writing farsi language translation for Havalite. how to send txt file for you ? 

Written by: admin on 14.Mar.2013

Hello Mohamad

Thank you very much for your Translation. Please send the file to

Salam :)

Written by: Szewczyk on 21.Oct.2013

Cannot insert image into post
eroor hava_img_browser.php

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/havalite/hava_img_browser.php on line263

Written by: Torun on 21.Nov.2013

Is it possible to add php code  for friendly url rewrite

Written by: admin on 22.Nov.2013

No, not yet

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