Dynamic CSS via PHP

06.Nov.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

With php you can do more than handling informations from databases or manipulating them but also you can let php act as another type of files such as xml, image or css file etc. by adding a header information at the begin of your code. (See header Manual) Again: beware, the header informations must be performed before any other code or you'll get the error message: Cannot modify header i

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Creating a simple Tooltip in jQuery

27.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

I was searching in the internet for a very simple jQuery plugin to view a tooltip over some map area with the description which written in the alt attribute. I also found plenty of nice plugins but not the one that fits the simplicity which i need. Thats why i thought i would better try doing it on my own, cause jQuery has all requirements a programmer needs (thats why i love this frame work

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RegExp in SqLite using Php

Comments (2) 19.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

One of the important thing that i kept messing as i chnaged from MySql to SqLite is the direct usage of regular expressions in sql statments. After searching many times in the internet for a solution, i only found out that SqLite doesn't support RegExp by default except by changing the functionality of the database engine which depends on your running system.


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Adding Sidebar widgets

10.Aug.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

In Havalite CMS v. 1.1.3 we can implement 4 different Sidebars which can be filled with plenty of Widgets. There are 2 kinds of them:

Standard Widgets Text1  // add Text or HTML Text2  // add Text or HTML Search  // Search form Links  // the list of your saved favorite links RSS  // a link to your po

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Video Tutorials

10.Aug.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

Installing Havalite

A tutorial showing how easy it is to install havalite CMS on your own site


Save images to your sqlite database

In this video tutorial we'll show you how to:

upload many images via drag and drop and save them to sqlite database of Havalite CMS, handle the image categories,

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25.Jul.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

TimeSpam - a spam detecting solution without captcha image based on Php and JQuery

I did this idea and im realy not sure if it works 100% against Spam bots. I just wanted to give it a try and see the reaction, if visitors have better ideas by detecting whether data are sent from a bot or human.

How it works:

Subscriber must have Javascript enabled on there browser, cause t

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Error Pages

19.Nov.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

Havalite version 1.0.8

Up to this version Havalite can handle error pages which are assigned from server as 403 (forbidden) or 404 (Not found). There are surely much more HTTP error codes than these two (see here) but we left this part up to you which code need to be handled.

To customize your HTTP error codes, create a file, copy following code and save as .htacccess t

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How to add background image instead of text

20.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

I was trying to find a good solution on how to chnage the Banner text of my theme with a background image. I found many solutions which are not always compatible to all browsers. Thus i decided to try it by my self and came with this solution.

I noticed that most people want to change the banner Text, which mostly assigned with a ID or CLASS in there html file:


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Mobile Detection

07.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

There’s no question that mobile devices have become a part of the modern life comunication. Now more than ever it’s important that websites be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization can also increase traffic to the own Blog. For this purpose we integrated a mobile detector in havalite that switches to a second design template from the same Theme folder "mobile.php

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The Dashboard

06.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

The Dashboard is the index of all logged in users. Here we can get informations about:

current version of HavaLite or if a new update exists The Amount of Posts, Drafts, Comments and Images saved in the database Backup Database (a Link to download database to your harddrive) Safe Folder Find and Replace Interface language Creator Users Board

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Members Privileges

06.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

The structure of the Users Privileges is built like a game with 5 different Levels

The first one is the Admin: He/She has all privileges as the owner of the Blog

Level 1: has all privileges like the admin but no authority to delete the Admin Level 2: Same as Level1, minus (-Settings, -Plugins) Level 3: Same as Level2, minus (-Categories, -Pages, -New Users)

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Safe Folder

05.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

The safe folder is the place where the database configurations are saved but there are also some useful  files such as

to get informations about your server and php configurations htaccess Creator
By the first installation a password is set to the safe folder, but you can also change the password to be different than the admin login) C

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RSS Feeds of Havalite

04.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

For now we keep our RSS as simple as possible by using RSS2 definitions.

Havalite prevents 3 different Feed Results:

Blog Feed (Latest Posts), URL: ?feed=rss Cat Feed (Latest Posts from a specified Category), URL: ?feed=rss&cat=Plugins Comments Feed (Latest comments), URL: ?feed=rss&comments=true

Thats it

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SWF Files

04.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

Flash swf files can be also saved as raw data in Havalite. In the Menu "Media" click on Media-Upload to get to the tool:

In CKEditor we can easlly get our file by clicking on the Flash button and than view the Image Browser to pick up the file, define width and height of the animation and save:

Hint: Php SWF-Extenssion must be istalled

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CKEditor in Havalite

03.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

For Havalite CMS we choosed the CKEditor to be the default Text Editor. We reduced the Toolbar to fit the desires of the most people but with the power to create good looking content. We also implemented 2 small textareas to the Settings of havalite, in case users like to configure there own Editor:

Textarea for adding more or deleting Toolbars Textarea for Adding more or l

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Installing Havalite

02.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

The installation of Havalite is a very simple procedure that takes only few seconds.

After uploading havalite to your server, go to login (normally http://www.yourUrlAdresse.com/havalite/ ). If the password is not set yet, the Install Wizard will start automatically:

Type Password, repeat Password, your Blog Url (http://www.yourUrlAdresse.com), your Email an

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Sticky Notes are usefull

Comments (2) 18.Sep.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tutorials

After searching the web for a jQuery Sticky note plugin, i decided to write the function my self, which fits the idea im up to.

A sticky note is a usefull tool in a Blog system with many plugins or Tags, which i like to use from time to time. And cause i almost forget these keywords i decided to attach a sticky note to the menu (like the notes on my table) to view them any time, a

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How To - Documentation

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